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ORL – Otorhinolaryngology

The Operative Unit of Otorhinolaryngology is able to offer the Patient a complete health treatment that includes diagnosis, therapeutic and surgical treatment, hospitalization for as many days as necessary and post-operative follow-up. Thanks to a specialized medical staff that has been dealing with pathologies of the head and neck area for several decades, specifically in the treatment of tumoral pathologies of these areas, but also in mini-invasive endoscopic nasosinusal surgery for the treatment of sinusitis and breathing difficulties, in ear surgery, laryngeal surgery, nose and ear aesthetic surgery, salivary gland and thyroid surgery.

The techniques used by our surgeons are at a high level, thanks also to the ongoing qualification of doctors, who constantly participate as listeners and interpreters in international courses and congresses.

Part of the medical team are professionals specialized in the field of ORL, such as: Prim. Dr. Renato Janušić (from Croatia) and Dr.Spec. Zgjim Limani

For a more complete service, for the most complex cases, the staff of ORL doctors collaborates closely with other prominent colleagues of various specialties, with the sole aim of providing the most optimal and effective service for our patients. It is worth noting the fact that for surgical interventions, anesthesia is applied by anesthesiologists with extensive and specialized experience to assist in surgical interventions.

What is Otorhinolaryngology – ORL

Otorhinolaryngology or ORL for short is a branch of medicine that depends a lot on the development and progress of science and technology, technical aids, to make possible the successful examination of the inside of the ear, throat, nose and tracheobronchial tube. These organs are specific to their anatomical location in the human body and require focused light to study.

The most frequent ear, nose and throat diseases in our population are: inflammatory diseases (external and middle ear, nasal mucosa and sinuses, limbs, throat, larynx), which can be infectious or allergic, , buzzing in the ears tinnitus), vertigo (Vertigo), chills (surdit as), polyps, tumors, etc.

If there are ear, throat or nose complaints in the patient, it is necessary to report to the otorhinolaryngology specialist.

Symptoms include ear pain, hearing impairment, urinary discharge, dizziness, buzzing or sneezing in the ear. Problems related to the nose are difficulty in breathing, nasal secretions, itchy nose, weakened sense of smell, vomiting, nosebleeds, etc. Pain problems include sore throat, burning, pain or difficulty swallowing, coughing, reaction, changes or mucus etc.

An otorhinolaryngologist examination is painless and takes between 20 and 30 minutes. It consists of anamnesis – a discussion with the patient about the problems for which he appeared for examination and the examination itself, which is systematic and carried out in a certain way.

Other Otorhinolaryngology services under the leadership of Dr. Spec. Zgjim Limani

• Thyroid gland operation

• Other surgical interventions

• Septoplasty

• Trepanation of the maxillary sinus

• Interventions in maxillary sinuses through endoscopy (FESS)

• Interventions in the ethmoidal sinuses through endoscopy (FESS)

• Interventions in the nasal cavity through endoscopy (removal of nasal polyps and tumors) (FESS)

• Trepanation of the frontal sinus

• Removal of skin tumors in the head and neck region without a flap

• Removal of skin tumors in the head and neck region with a local flap

• Rhinoplasty

• Otoplasty

• Tonsillectomy

• Removal of tumors from the tongue and lips

• Extirpation (biopsy) of the lymph node from the neck region

• Video laryngoscopy

• Directoscopy/esophagoscopy

• Directoscopy/esophagoscopy with biopsy

• LMS laryngomicroscopy

• Total laryngectomy

• Partial laryngectomy

• Laryngectomy with selective or radical dissection

• Selective neck dissection

• Radical neck dissection

• Thyroidectomy (lobectomy)

• Total thyroidectomy

• Thyroidectomy with paratracheal neck dissection

• Thyroidectomy with paratracheal and lateral neck dissection

• Composite resections of oral cavity tumors (COMANDO) with pectoralis major flap reconstruction

• Reconstructions of neck and face defects with Pectoralis Major flap

• Surgical tracheotomy

• Superficial parotidectomy

• Total parotidectomy

• Parotidectomy with neck dissection

• Extirpation of congenital neck cysts (lateral or medial)

Advanced Technology
Professional Staff
Modern infrastructure
Quality and security


Thyroid Gland Surgery

The surgery is minimally invasive, without bleeding from the thyroid gland, with a small incision of about 3 cm in the lower part of the neck. The operation is performed using the latest technology, resulting in a very quick recovery for the patient, who is discharged from the clinic the next day.

The wound is closed with special materials, so there are no stitches to remove, and after a few days, the patient can resume normal life.

It is especially important to know about the nerves that control the vocal cords. The surgical team pays special attention to these nerves, ensuring their function during and after the operation is verified using the NIM (Neuro Monitoring) device.

Equal care is given to the parathyroid gland, which is carefully identified and its blood circulation preserved, facilitated by the surgical loupe used in every operation. The function of the parathyroid gland is immediately assessed post-surgery with a direct serum test (iPTU) to ensure its proper function.

The operation price includes the following expenses:

– Complete pre-operative preparation
– All necessary analyses
– Pathohistological analysis
– Complete surgery
– Pre- and post-operative stay at the American Clinic
– Consultation

Characteristics of Healing!

Individual Approach: Each patient and their specific illness are carefully considered, and the type and duration of the operation are meticulously planned.

Duration of the Operation: It is not limited. The surgery lasts as long as necessary to precisely and thoroughly achieve the pre-planned operation.

Operative Program: It is adapted to the aforementioned characteristics and is planned so that the duration in the operating room is three times the necessary time for the surgery, with the sole reason of not having to work under time pressure, thereby avoiding mistakes or complications.

The surgery is performed with the latest technology, suited for all pre-operative requirements related to minimally invasive surgery without bleeding. Every small detail in the operative field is identified clearly and thoroughly. Intraoperative neuromonitoring is also used to control the nerves of the vocal cords, and special preparations are used for wound closure, resulting in a minimally visible neck incision or almost unnoticeable.

The operative team includes six highly specialized medical personnel, consisting of the Surgeon, Anesthesiologist, Anesthetist, Assistant, and two Instrument Nurses. The entire team is highly motivated to ensure that every operation proceeds perfectly and without any complications, and that every patient is satisfied with the final result.

After the operation is completed, the patient will have the opportunity to receive support and consultation from the team for any concerns, information, or additional needs.

Result: From the surgery performed by this team, complications almost never occur, as the intervention procedure is carried out with high precision. The success in treating the thyroid gland and its carcinoma is nearly 100% (to date, we have not encountered any recurrences requiring re-operation).


Dr. Renato Janusic explains about the parotid gland surgery using the most advanced method without bleeding, allowing the patient to be in good health immediately the next day.

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The ORL staff at the American Clinic “Dr. Behar Kusari” consists of:

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