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Diagnostic Center

In the framework of providing services to our patients, now the American Clinic “Dr Behar Kusari” also offers Radiology services that include Digital X-ray and Mammography.

Digital X-ray and Mammography are offered as services using the latest advanced technology equipment so that our patients receive quality services.

Digital X-ray and Mammography offer very fast results, and high-quality images, which enables the detection of possible problems in a very efficient and fast way.

The Diagnostic Center offers Radiology and Mammography services which play a critical role in the diagnosis and follow-up of various diseases of the body, with a special emphasis on the diagnosis of breast cancer in women.

For more information, contact +38344126188 or email [email protected]


Advanced technology

Reduction of radiation dose

Fast results

High quality images

The Department of Radiology at the American Clinic “Dr Behar Kusari” is leaded by:
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