Since 1996, we began work in an ordinance of 200 m2 under the supervision of Dr. Spec. Behar Kusari. At that time it was one of the best ordinances in the country. With our successful work, the dedication to develop our staff professionally and with world health standards after 11 years, on March 8, 2007 we opened the first clinic for treatment of female and male infertility.

With an area of ​​800 m2, staffed by specialist doctors, technicians and administrative staff, the American Clinic became a reference point for the treatment of male and female infertility in the country and the region with the trust that thousands of thousands of patients donated to us. Always referring to the world’s technological developments we invested in modern medical equipment by dedicating ourselves to be in step with time. Standing in trend with the latest technology, professional staff, on March 8, 2017, the new 2800 sqm facility, modern and luxurious, was inaugurated, being formed as a hospital equipped with the latest technology and the most modern facilities and services. modern health, keeping professionalism and the first name that brought science to infertility in Kosovo, Dr. Behar Kusari. With a team of over 90 medical and administrative professionals, providing 24/7 services per week, make our hospital a regional health reference center for all patients, providing all the professional and technical conditions with a network of international hospitals.

The modern American Clinical Areas are built and organized according to the international standards that meet the conditions for all services offered at the American Clinic, ranging from the treatment of Male and Female Infertility, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Neonatology, ORL, Dermatology as well as the Biochemical Laboratory. With two operating rooms that carry the latest state-of-the-art technology, equipped with all the necessary equipment, you can feel safe in the US Clinic. Under the care of the medical staff in two normal birth rooms, which are equipped with the latest technology and modern facilities, at the American clinic the birth process becomes easier and safer.

Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Cagcil Yetim, the problems of couples in the field of male and female infertility, are now smaller because the care of Dr. Stillim in the treatment room by collaborating with a professional embryologist and a laboratory equipped with the latest technology make the American Clinic solve many problem solving problems. You do not have to worry if you need anything to do outside of the US clinic facility because the service pack also offers the services of the Biochemical Laboratories and the management of medical specialists in the field of Biochemistry and the latest equipment in the world trend. Where is it better to feel comfortable with your concierge in the private and luxury rooms, where during your hospitalization the American Clinic takes care of everything, ranging from the professional service of the medical staff to the warm, hygienic and with food given by our nutrients, just to gain the minerals, vitamins and proteins needed after the intervention. The American Clinic is committed to providing special care and care to our services under the professional care of the medical and administrative team.