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Gynecology and Obstetrics

Gynecological care includes not only routine annual checkups, but also forecasting and planning for your health needs for family planning and especially in the female reproductive system.

The gynecology department is equipped with the most sophisticated equipment for gynecological and obstetric examinations.


Modern surgery through which diagnosis and treatment of various pathologies and diseases is carried out in the abdomen.

The trained team, modern equipment and their maintenance enables to carry out the above said procedures.

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Advantages of Minimally Invasive Surgery compared to Traditional surgery

Quick recovery

Patients who undergo laparoscopic surgery experience shorter hospital stays and faster recovery time. Reduced trauma to the body means less pain and comfort, facilitating a quicker return to daily life.

Minimal wound

One of the most obvious benefits is minimal scarring. Small cuts result in small scars that are often barely visible.

Reduced pain

Minimized trauma during laparoscopic surgery translates into less pain and postoperative comfort. Patients typically require less pain medication, reducing the risk of opioid addiction.

Lower risk of infection

With laparoscopic surgery, the internal organs are less exposed to the external environment, reducing the risk of infections. This makes it an excellent choice for patients with compromised immune systems.

Enhanced precision

Surgeons benefit from laparoscopic tools that offer very high precision. This precision is especially critical in complex procedures, such as delicate organ removals or complex tissue repairs.

Less blood loss

Minimally invasive procedures usually require smaller incisions and more careful tissue manipulation. Which result in less blood loss during the intervention.

The range of other treatments at the American Clinic “Dr Behar Kusari”

• Surgical and conservative treatmORL of all disorders related to gynecology, tumors of the female reproductive system, infections, incontinence and hormone disorders.

• Various biopsies ranging from fine tissue biopsies to total hysterectomy. Gynecology is one of the focuses of our clinic.

• TreatmORL of patiORLs with inflammatory diseases and severe pain related to gynecology

• PatiORL-based surgery (abdominoscopy, tubal sterilization, removal of ovarian cysts, curettage, and other minor procedures in the field of gynecology)

• Minimally invasive surgery including procedures with the latest technology

• Diagnostic procedures such as: bleeding disorders or abdominal pain (laparoscopic examination of the uterus and abdominal cavity)

• Bening tumors such as: polyps, myomas and cysts, usually with a minimally invasive surgery

• Myoma embolization

• Laparoscopic examination of the uterus, a common procedure in gynecology

• Diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy

• Total abdominal hysterectomy, radical vaginal and radical vaginal hysterectomy

• Diagnostic and therapeutic curettage (D & C) – a standard procedure in gynecology

• D & C after abortion – a standard procedure in gynecology

• Conisation (intervORLion in the removal of abnormal cervical lesions)

• Laparoscopic abdominal examination

• Total unilateral and bilateral laparoscopic salpingectomy,

• Correction of spottings (marks)

High resolution and contrast of the photo
High diagnostic efficiency and accuracy
The possibility of intracranial measuremORL during the first trimester of pregnancy
Visualization and measurement of hypoechoic structures such as the fetal brain, etc
Dynamic transparency in anatomical structures
Clear view of the fine vascular system

We are dedicated on providing safe and successful solutions, offering quality and professional services in the field of Gynecology and Obstetrics.


Dr. Trina Nushi Jahjaga provides answers to few of the most frequORLly asked questions about infertility!
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Dr.Memli Morina ttalks about delivery by operation and necessary information after the delivery with operation is performed.
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The staff of the gynecology department consists of

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