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Thanks to God and the staff of your Clinic and their tireless work, today after 15 years, we are the happiest parents in the world. Thank you, Dr. Hakan Kozinoglu and Dr. Trina Nushi Jahjaga, for allowing us to enjoy the title of parents.
After 4 years full of challenges, our dream has become a reality today. I want to thank Dr. Hakan for his dedication to us on the path of infertility. We are forever grateful to the Clinic staff; thank you for being with us during this difficult yet most beautiful phase of our lives.
After 17 years, we became parents, the most beautiful feeling in the world. Thank you to the staff of the American Clinic 'Dr. Behar Kusari' for this extraordinary feeling!

Infertility is defined as the inability of a couple to achieve a pregnancy after 12 months of regular, unprotected sexual contact. Infertility is a disease of the reproductive system that disrupts the most basic human function: reproduction.

In women over the age of 35, the diagnosis is made after six months of unprotected sexual activity. In cases where pregnancy is not achieved, then the experts who treat infertility should be consulted.

Embryology Laboratory

One of the key factors influencing the success of infertility procedures at the American Clinic “Dr. Behar Kusari” is the high quality of the embryology laboratory and the expertise of the staff in this field. We continuously invest in technological infrastructure and modern equipment for the embryology laboratory. The latest advancements in reproductive medicine are applied with priority in our clinic, bringing new innovations to the services we offer.

Other Services within Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)

In addition to the main treatment methods, we also offer a wide range of other services within Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). These include detailed diagnostics, medical counseling, and hormonal treatments.

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"Embryo transfer is a critical step in the In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) process. This procedure involves placing one or more fertilized embryos into the mother's uterus with the aim of implanting and developing into a healthy pregnancy. Our expert staff ensures that this procedure is carried out with care and precision, increasing the chances of a successful pregnancy.".

Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT-a)

Preimplantation Genetic Testing, or PGT, is a technique that allows us to analyze the genetics of embryos before they are transferred into the uterus. This provides the opportunity to identify any genetic abnormalities and select the healthiest embryos for transfer. This test is particularly recommended for couples with a family history of genetic diseases or those who have experienced unexplained miscarriages."

Next-generation sequencing (NGS)

A test used to detect various mutations in the structure of DNA and RNA.

Carrier Genetic Test (CGT)

"Carrier Genetic Test (CGT) is an analysis performed to determine if parents are carriers of any genetic diseases that could be inherited by their child. This test can be done before pregnancy or in its early stages and is useful for couples who want to take precautionary measures to minimize the risk of having a child with a genetic disease."

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Risk Factors for Infertility

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Do you have problems with pregnancy?

Experts at the American Clinic “Dr. Behar Kusari” who treat infertility

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