Prim.Dr.Renato Janusic

Specialist for neck and throat

Dr. Renato Janusic, was born on (1963) in Zagreb, Croatia. He graduated from University of Zagreb, Medical Faculty, in Zagreb, Croatia as a Medical Doctor and after he finished his Master of Science degree for Medical Faculty.
Until 2014, Dr. Janusic was part of the University Hospital for Tumors, as a Head of Head & Neck Surgery Department, in Zagreb, Croatia.
During his career also, he was part of too many professional training and schools, such as: University Hospital for Tumors, Zagreb, University Hospital “Sestre Milosrdnice” in Zagreb, University of Pisa – Department of Surgery, Harvard Medical School, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center – Department of Minimally Invasive Surgery, Cleveland Clinic, Endocrinology & Endocrine Surgery Institute and Head & Neck Institute in the same hospital.

From 2014 he works as Medical Director in Medical Center for Thyroid, who provides professional services in Ultrasound of Thyroid and Neck, Minimally Invasive Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery and Head & Neck Surgery including Skin cancer surgery. He is also, Member of European Society of Endocrine Surgeon (2004) and he has 32 published papers and actively participate in numerous national and international conferences.

After all his luggage in the field of Endocrine and Head & Neck Surgery, Dr. Renato Janusic become part of the American Clinic, for providing the services in Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands through a minimal invasive surgery and with his team from Croatia, the American Clinic is the best choice in Region of Kosovo for this kind of service.

The American Clinic remains the Clinic that carries top specialist doctors to provide best quality services.

We are privileged that Dr. Renato Janusic is a part of our Medical Staff.