Dr. Elmaze Cana

Biochemist - Laboratory

Dr. Elmaze Cana was born on 05 October 1953 in Gjakova. In 1972 she enrolled in the faculty mathematical-natural sciences, branch of chemistry. In 1976 she completed studies, hired as a professor at the Mathematical Gymnasium in Prishtina. Then to continue her career in the field of biochemistry, Dr. Cana became part of the Ferronikel lab, where she worked for 1 year (1979-1980). In 1980 she was hired in the Main Family Medicine Center in Pristina, working for 27 consecutive years as a biochemist and later as a leader laboratory. During this period, she completed her specialization in Medicinal Biochemistry. From 1979 to 1980, she worked in the Ferronikel laboratory. In 1980 she was employed at the Main Family Medicine Center in Prishtina. On 1985 started specializing in biochemistry at UCCK, which completed in 1989. Until 2007 she was the head of the laboratory at UCCK, while in the meantime during this period was also hired as a biochemist in the Biolab laboratory. After all her baggage in the field of education and work experience, Dr. Elmaze Cana by the year 2007 became part of the American Clinic as the Laboratory Leader, offering professionalism and experience for all patients receiving services from the Clinic. The American Clinic remains the Clinic that carries within it self specialized doctors for the delivery of quality services. We are privileged that part of the Medical Staff is Dr. Elmaze Cana