Osmanaj couple with a child after 10 years of marriage

Osmanaj couple with a child after 10 years of marriage

American Clinic Dr. Behar Kusari, enabled the Osmanaj couple to have children after 10 years of marriage, bringing to life a healthy gift of over 4 kilograms weight.

The Moment of the Coming of the Gift is explained by Dr. Edibe Hoda-Borovci obstetric gynecologist, she says it was a miracle for the Osmanaj couple. “The birth of the child really was a miracle for Mother Safete and Dad Jahiri because they tried to have children for 10 years and this was made possible thanks to the technique, equipment and medical team of the American Clinic Dr. Behar Kusari, says Dr.Edibe Hoda-Borovci Obstetric Gynecologist.

Meanwhile, Dhurataq  describes the first moments when she realized she had started a pregnancy, which says she could not believe that one day she would have a baby in her hands.”It took many years for a baby to dream, so we decided to baptize it with the name Gift, because it is a prize that is not a prize, it is the world’s wealth for us,” says Mother of the Dhurata, Safete. The patient in question has followed the pregnancy at the American Clinic from conception to birth time, and not only because the baby’s control continues to the neonatologist right in this clinic, the staff confirms.

American Clinic Dr. Behar Kusari, provides birth service with international standards where mothers and babies have the opportunity to pass this important process of life through the hands of professional staff, modern equipment and a comfortable environment.

We reiterate to the head of the medical staff at the American Clinic Dr. Behar Kusari, is a world renowned doctor Cagcil Yetim, an obstetrician / gynecologist who has graduated from the Marmara Medical School at the University of Istanbul, and has specialized in obstetrics.