Having trouble getting pregnant?

Having trouble getting pregnant?

Usually couples who spend more than 1 year on the mating waste, start to get scared and look for answers to the question "Why are we not succeeding?

But, according to a scientific study about 10-15% of couples suffer from the possibility of getting pregnant. This phenomenon is defined as the inability to conceive a pregnancy.

Some of the causes of this phenomenon occur as a result of:
- Cases where the problem is only female;
- Cases where the problem is only male;
- Cases where the problem is of both or the cause is not found

The causes of the problem in women are:
* Disorders of ovulation or egg production
* Disorders of the shape or structure of the uterus or cervix
* Sexually transmitted infections
* Pelvic adhesions of the abdominal layers
* Premature menopause before the age of 40 years.
* Thyroid diseases such as hyper or hypo production bring about changes up to termination of the possibility of getting pregnant

Causes of the problem in men:
* Abnormal sperm production in quantity and quality
* Problems in sperm transport

The American Clinic has already shown 13 years of care and professionalism in helping couples succeed in pregnancy, achieving this in collaboration with a professional team, dedicated to following the latest technology and the most innovative techniques for treating patients with residual problems. pregnant.

For patients who go through these stages, it is important to have close contact with the medical staff during treatment, being informed at all times about the care they should have during the attempted pregnancy, therefore the staff of the American Clinic "Dr. Behar Kusari "stays close to the patient all the time to follow the process until the success of the pregnancy.

Dr. Hakan Kozinoglu, is the doctor who will now treat patients in the future, who will have the opportunity to benefit from 29 years of experience of dr. Hakan in handling these cases.

For couples who want to consult a doctor for more details about this phenomenon, they can make an appointment for free at +383 44 126 188 or +383 45 126 188, by calling or writing on Viber or Whatsapp

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