Whats the Abdominoplasty?

Whats the Abdominoplasty?

The abdomen plays a key role in improving the body silhouette. A flat and toned belly is not only a symbol of beauty but also a symbol of physical well-being. Abdominoplasty is a delicate intervention that requires high professionalism. The mastery of our surgeons is based on in-depth knowledge, many years of experience, the latest techniques in the field of cosmetic surgery, where your body will take the shapes you have always dreamed of, in complete harmony with your physique that makes you feel and look in good shape.


Through this intervention, the excess skin and excess adipose tissue are removed, the skin is pulled from the upper part to the lower part of the abdomen, where the suturing is performed (in the pubic area), the rectus muscles of the abdomen are also reconstructed by joining and sewn through a special system of sutures. The intervention lasts 2-3 hours and a little longer if accompanied by other cosmetic surgery interventions

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