Operation of Thyroid Gland

The operation is of minimal invasive type, without bleeding of the thyroid gland, with a small incision about 3 cm at the bottom of the neck. The operation is carried out with the latest technology, which therefore has a very fast recovery of the patient, which the patient is released from the clinic tomorrow. The wound closes with special materials, so there is no stinging and after several days the patient continues to live normal. Of particular importance to know is the part of the nerves that nerves the voice waves, where the operational staff pay particular attention, so their function during and after the operation is verified with the NIM (Neuro Monitoring) device. The same precautionary care is given to the pre-existing thyroid gland, which is carefully identified, preserving its blood flow, which is achieved through the operating fluid, which is used in every operation. The workload of the thyroid gland immediately after the operation is evaluated by a serum test (iPTU) to ensure its work.

In the price of the operation include the following expenses:

  • Complete pre-operational preparation
  • All the tests that are needed
  • Patohistological analysis
  • Operation
  • Staying before and after the opeartiv at the American Clinic
  • Consultancy

Characteristics of healing!

Individual approach: It is for each patient and the type of his illness, whereby the type of surgery and the duration are carefully planned.

Duration of the operation: Not limited. The operation lasts as much as it is necessary to precisely and thoroughly achieve the operation that is planned in advance.

Operating program: It is tailored to the aforementioned characteristics and it is planned that the time in the room is triple of the time needed for operation, with only the reason that we do not need to work under pressure of time, as a result of errors or complications of operation . The operation is carried out with the latest technology, adapted to all preoperative requirements associated with a minimal invasive operation without bleeding, where every small detail in the operating area is identified in detail and clear.

Also, intraoperative neromonitoring is used for nerve control of the sound wires, using special preparations for wound closure, which results in the result of skin cut on the neck being minimally visible or not noticeable at all. In the Operetiv team are included six specialty medical specialists, with the exception of the Surgery participant: Anesthetist, Anesthetist, Assistant and two instruments. The whole team is maximally motivated for every operation to flow perfectly and without any complications and that every patient is satisfied with the final outcome. Upon completion of the operation, the patient will have the opportunity to find support and consultation with the team for any concerns, information or additional needs, as well as family members or society are provided detailed information about the patient’s postoperative course.

Outcomes: From the operation performed through this team, the complications almost do not appear at all, as the intervention procedure is performed with high precision and the success in treating the terroids and its carcinoma is almost 100% (to date we have not encountered no recurrence of surgery).

The Thyroid Gymnastics Team is led by the Croatian doctor Prim. Dr. Renato Janušić!