ORL - Otorhinolaryngology

With the most advanced technology, professional medical staff and modern and contemporary facilities, ORL’s services at the American Clinic provide security and quality to all patients.

The Otorhinolaryngology Operating Unit is able to provide the patient with a complete healthcare treatment including diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical treatment, hospitalization for as long as necessary and post-operative follow-up. Thanks to a specialized medical staff for several decades, it deals with pathology of the head and neck area, specifically in the treatment of tumor pathologies of these areas, but also in the mini-invasive endoscopic nazosynaptic surgery for the treatment of sinusitis and breathing difficulties, in ear surgery, in laryngitis surgery, in aesthetic surgery of the nose and the ear, in the salivary and thyroid gland surgery.

The techniques used by our surgeons are on a high level, thanks to the continued qualification of doctors, who are constantly participating as listeners and as interpreters in international courses and congresses. Part of the medical team are specialized professionals in the ORL field, such as: Prim. Dr. Renato Janusic (from Croatia) Dr. Syl Bruqi, dhe Dr. Sherif Bajrami

For a more complete service, for more complex cases, ORL staff collaborates closely with other distinguished colleagues of various specialties, with the sole purpose of providing the most optimal and resultant service to our patients. It is also worth mentioning that for anesthesia surgery anesthesia is applied by anesthesiologists with a wide and specialized expertise to assist in surgery and surgery.

Thyroid Therapy Operation – Under the leadership of Prim. Dr.Renato Janušić
The operation is of minimal invasive type, without bleeding of the thyroid gland, with a small incision about 3 cm at the bottom of the neck. The operation is carried out with the latest technology, which therefore has very fast recovery of the patient, which the patient is released tomorrow by the clinic…more

What Is Otorhinolaryngology – ORL
Otorhinolaryngology or shortly ORL is a branch of medicine that is highly dependent on the development and advancement of science and technology, auxiliary aids, to make it possible to successfully examine the inside of the ear, throat, nose and tracheobronchial duct. These organs are specific to site anatomical occurrence in the human body and require focused light to be researched. The most common ear, nasal, and throat diseases in our population are: inflammatory diseases (outer and middle lining, nasal mucus and sinuses, limbs, throat, larynx) which may be infectious or allergic, buzzing in tinnitus ears), vertigo (vertigo), chills (surditas), polyps, tumors, etc. If there are complaints with the ear, throat or nose in the patient, it is necessary to report to the specialist of otorhinolaryngology

Symptoms include ear pain, hearing impairment, urinary secretion, dizziness, buzzing or sneezing. Nose problems are breathing difficulties, nasal secretions, nose sores, weakened spices, vomiting, nasal bleeding, and so on. Pain problems include sore throat, burns, pain or difficulty swallowing, coughing, reaction, changes or mucus. An examination of otorhinolaryngologists is painless and lasts between 20 and 30 minutes. It consists of anamnesis – a discussion with the patient about the problems for which he appeared for examination and self-examination, which is systematic and performed in a certain way.

Doctors’ staff at the Otorinolaringology Department: