The biography of the founder of the American Clinic, Dr. Behar Kusari (1958-2017) Dr. Behar Kusari was born on 15. 03. 1958 in Gjakova. Primary and secondary school ended in the hometown. In 1984 he completed his studies at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Prishtina. He then pursued post-university studies, which he completed in 1994 at the University of Nis. To continue with his career, continued subspecialization, focused on the field of infertility and laparoscopy, which he successfully completed at the Obstetric Clinic in Novi Sad. Dr. Behar Kusari was a member of a large number of professional medical associations in the field of his scientific and professional expertise in Europe and the world. He was a regular member of the European Society for Human Embryology (ESHRE) in Belgium and a member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). Published 4 scientific papers in the field of medicine in the field of infertility and has presented a number of papers in conferences and congresses, such as those at ESHRE. He was also a scientific associate at the American Clinic in Istanbul, at the Gynecological Obstetric Clinic in Ljubljana and the Gynecological Obstetric Clinic in Novi Sad.

Dr. Behar Kusari worked at the American Clinic in Istanbul (Assisted Reproduction Center) for a three year period (from March 2004 until March 2007), where he was excelled for professionalism, dedication to work and treatment for which they were also given some gratitude, especially for the advanced expertise in the field of Infertility medical treatment. Before internationalizing his scientific and professional knowledge, Dr. Behari worked as a Gynecologist – Obstetrician Specialist at the Gjakova Regional Hospital until 1996, which was perhaps the most challenging period in his career as a physician, because this hospital was, because of political circumstances in the country, transformed into a gynecological center throughout Kosovo.

In 1996, he founded the “KU-MED” Gynecology Clinic in Gjakova. Whereas, on 08.03. 2007, in Prishtina, founded the Clinic “Gynecology Clinic American” project, which was realized in collaboration with the team of American doctors from American Hastanesi, for which for the first time in Kosovo and the region brought science on infertility and enabled many couples who had problems with pregnancy to become pregnant through revolutionary methods in gynecology. After 10 years of work and dedication, on 08. 03. 2017, in Pristina, Dr. Behar Kusari with his closest associates, inaugurated the new specialized facility for Gynecology and Obstetrics, which received the title of American Clinic “Dr. Behar Kusari”

This clinic is today one of the best medical clinics in the world, equipped with the latest technology, modern and luxurious environments, which occupy itself as one of the best clinics not only in the Western Balkans region, but also many Wider. Combining the latest technology of medical equipment and staff of more than 90 medical and administrative professionals, this clinic turns into a regional health reference center. Dr. Behar Kusari was suddenly split from life on 07. 09. 2017 at the University Clinical Center of Kosovo after a stroke in the brain, causing pain for all his family, friends and patients. Dr. Behar Kusari was recognized as one of the doctors influencing the advancement of Kosovar medicine, bringing science to infertility, bringing European standardization into health services.

Life and Works of Dr. Behar Kusari will always remain in the memories of everyone who surrounded him and knew him closely, as a humanist who never spared to help you and enabled couples the joy of becoming parents. Dr. Behar Kusari, after leaving his wife dr. Nexhmije Kusari, children Vullnet, Victory, Art and Holiday Kusari, who with dedication are continuing to realize the dream of the deceased, for a hospital with standards and professional services.