24H / 7 DAY SERVICE is available for all Gynecology services!

Gynecological care includes not only routine annual check-ups, but also planning and planning for your family planning needs, especially the female reproductive system.

Gynecology is a specialized field of medicine that deals with the reproductive system of women. With a specialized medical staff, the latest technology and many years of experience, the American Clinic offers the only solution to the safety and quality of services within Kosovo’s territory and beyond. Trained examiners in our gynecological unit stay close to assist you in any need or consultation you may have.

The Medical Staff at the American Clinic is complete in all aspects of gynecology, with which we strive to make your stay at our clinic more enjoyable. Our Gynecology Unit is focused on helping your patients with each aspect of gynecology and obstetrics. By its very nature, gynecology is a sensitive issue, so we have taken care to have our specialists very professional, attentive and discreet in every way.

Gynecology is probably one of the most sensitive areas of medicine. It is therefore understandable that when it comes to gynecology, women are very specific to the place they are treated, so in our clinic you will not be disappointed because we have a group of specialists who are subspecializing in various fields of gynecology.

Gynecological services in our clinic are provided by ambulatory visits to general interventions that belong to Gynecology, for which medical teams are subspecialized in various fields of Gynecology, to provide quality services and safety in patients.

Specialist doctors in the gynecology department are always ready to help you and advise on general gynecological problems, any special reproductive system health problems, or just planning pregnancy counseling. The gynecology department is equipped with the most sophisticated equipment for gingival examinations with ultra-3D and 4D sound from the world-renowned General Electric manufacturer. Our ultra-sound devices are manufactured to enable detailed examinations of women’s health, such as:


  • High contrast resolution and contrast
  • Efficiency and high precision of diagnostics
  • The possibility of intracranial measurement during the first trimester of pregnancy
  • Visualization and measurement of hypochemical structures such as the brain of the fetus, etc.
  • Dynamic Transparency in Anatomical Structures
  • Clear view of the finer vascular system
  • Pure sound for listening to the baby’s movement
  • Performing semi-automated measurements (BPD, HC, AC, FL and HL)



The range of other treatments at the American Clinic is:

  • Surgical and conservative treatment of all disorders related to gynecology, female reproductive system tumors, infections, incontinence and hormonal disorders.
  • Various biopsy ranging from small tissue biopsies to total hysterectomy. Gynecology is one of the focal points of our focus on the clinic.
  • Treatment of patients with inflammatory diseases and strong pain associated with gynecology
  • Patient-based surgery (abdominoscopy, tubular sterilization, removal of ovarian cysts, curettage and other minor procedures in the field of gynecology)
  • Minimum invasive surgery including procedures with the latest technology
  • Diagnostic procedures such as: bleeding disorders or abdominal pain (laparoscopic examination of the uterus and abdominal cavity)
  • Bacterial tumors such as polyps, chromosomes and cysts, usually with minimal invasive operation
  • Embolization of the chin
  • Laparoscopic examination of the uterus – a common procedure in gynecology
  • Diagnostic and operational hysterectomy
  • Total abdominal, vaginal, abdominal and vaginal radical histopathology
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic curettage (D & C) – a standard procedure in gynecology
  • C after abortion – a standard procedure in gynecology
  • Conisation (intervention in the removal of abnormal cervical lesions)
  • Abdominal laparoscopic examination
  • The total unilateral and bilateral laparoscopic,
  • Correction of signs


While Biochemistry Laboratory equipped with modern laboratory equipment for analysis like PAP test, triple test, biochemical and hormonal analysis that made it possible for you to perform all the controls in one place without having to visit different laboratories and clinics.

We are committed to providing safe and successful solutions by providing quality and professional services in the field of Gynecology.

The staff of doctors in the gynecology department: