To look good helps you feel good.

A healthy skin besides reflecting the beauty and personality of a person also shows overall health.

We at the American Clinic along with qualified staff under the supervision of Dr. Spec.Exhmije Kusari give special importance to your skin’s health. With the most modern equipment in the dermatology department you will find the right place to treat your skin.

Now in the American Clinic, the skin is treated with the innovative biostimultative PRP (Plasma Rich Plasma) treatment through protein-rich blood plasma.

Our staff is trained with the highest professional and ethical standards to serve you with different skin treatments ranging from Classic Treatment to Mesotherapy.

Piggy is one of your assets and you have to care for it.


Cleaning, Pillows, Massages and Masks.


Exclusive galvanic treatment. Treatment for all skin types, as well as all ages. The treatment is carried out in five phases, with products and technology GUINOT INSTITUT PARIS.


Skin cleansing by means of a heat dispensing electrode, where deeper pastrami and elimination of toxins from the skin are done.


Treatment for contouring and skin lifting, where the skin’s muscle stimulation gives new look with lift effect and contour.


It is a very effective method and apparatus for cellulite elimination and body shaping. The appliance has three functions: vacuum cellulite breakage, galvanic rashes cause the cellulite gut to deep into the skin, electrostimulation makes muscle contraction, skin toning and body shaping.


Dry pilling is very preferred for all skin problems and skin types. Different chemical ingredients penetrate into different depths of the skin and give the right results.


A new method for the application of various cocktails of vitamins or amino acids, as well as other substances in the middle or deep layers of the skin. Different cocktails can be applied to the skin by means of small injections or dermapen. 4 or 5 treatments are preferred one after the other.


Rich protein plasma PRP (Plasma Plasma) is an innovative biostimulative treatment. It is based on the regenerative and stimulating properties of platelets. At the site of application affects the growth factors who initiate the skin regeneration process. The particular advantage of this treatment is that blood platelets and blood plasma are taken from the patient’s own blood and undesirable reactions are minimal, making the treatment completely natural.

With this treatment improves the texture and quality of skin with shiny skin, minimizing wrinkles and black circles around the eyes are less noticeable. Effective and visible results are also achieved on the stems, signs and hair regeneration. The results take place one week to a month. Depending on the problems, 1 to 4 treatments in the distance of one month are preferred. It can be applied in the form of microinjection with needle, in different layers of dermaroller or dermapen skin. The procedure lasts about 60 minutes. After treatment, the skin should not be cleaned for 12 hours.

Contraindications: People with an acute skin infection, severe acne, lupus porphyria, allergy, carcinoma, persons with chemotherapy, severe metabolic problems or systemic diseases and platelet function disorders should not be treated with PRP.

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