Being a parent is a great part bringing you joy and family harmony. From the moment of the joy news, as a parent, start preparing for your family. At first you need to take care of your health to make sure that during your 38 weeks of pregnancy your child will develop in a normal and healthy way. At the American Clinic together with trained staff and specialist doctors we are here to help you with advice and checking 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to assist you in your journey of family enjoyment.

Routine controls and analysis from our labs equipped with the latest technology from the blood mirror to more detailed genetic analysis will allow you a light and healthy journey for you and your baby. All that remains to you as parents is to prepare for your family life and enjoy it daily with one another.

East is a natural process, same as pregnancy and various physiological processes in your body. We at the American Clinic take care that you have a normal pregnancy and also encourage all mothers to normal birth. The advantages of normal birth are the quickest recovery of the mother and according to some recent studies, your child will develop the immune system faster. Normal birth is sometimes more difficult than cesarean cut, but now with the development of medicine and epidural anesthesia birth is easier and painless.

In cases where obstetrician gynecologist, for health reasons, proposes cesarean breastfeeding, regardless of the time, our teams of specialist doctors of various fields and the staff of nurses is always ready for surgical interventions. The surgical surgical block is equipped with the latest surgical equipment technology, while intensive surveillance chambers are well-equipped to concentrate more on your recovery.

All you need to do is prepare yourself for the new family challenges that your parent has done to you.

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