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“Behar Kusari” Clinic and successes in thyroid gland operations

“Behar Kusari” Clinic and successes in thyroid gland operations

Today at Express Morning with Kaltrina on television 7 was Prim. Dr. Renato Janusic from Croatia where is spoken about the Tyroide Glands and the problems that citizens commonly face in this area.

Doctor from Croatia after a great success with interventions in American Clarke “Dr. Behar Kusari “, who is a specialist for thyroid gland operations, is available to all patients who want to find solutions from professionals, and the cuts that appear from the operations of the same problem are minimized. During the surgical interventions of the Thyroid Gland, unlike traditional bladder operations, the operations carried out in this clinic do not have bloodshed that consequently does not require blood transfusion and the operation is easier for the surgeon as well as for the patient since According to the doctor the next day of surgery is able to continue the course of life in a very normal way.

Among other things, the doctor said that in the cases of benign tumors a part of the thyroid gland is removed, whereas in the case of malignant tumors with operative surgery the thyroid gland is removed and the joints around the gland to heal the patient. He also talked about many other things where the doctor was very open, and confessed his experiences in Kosovo by practicing his work.